Organic Garage is a Canadian, grocery store with a healthy conscience. Our mission is to bring you the best quality organic and all natural products, at the lowest possible prices. You don’t have to join a club, carry a card or clip coupons to enjoy… Healthier food for less!


Organic Garage recognizes the need to have our strong listing criteria for products we sell in the store relate to how we operate as a company. This means that the day-to-day operations of our stores need to be as environmentally friendly as possible. We believe in our role as environmental leaders and will continue to demonstrate to our customers the highest regard for sustainability.

Here are just some of the initiatives that we partake in:

    1. Cardboard Recycling- Organic Garage is pleased to work with our waste companies to help ensure that all cardboard is recycled and returned to the supply chain to help be reused for anything from recycled packaging materials, tissue products and paper products.
    1. Produce Waste Recycling Program- Organic Garage is pleased to work with our waste companies to help ensure that all vegetable trimmings and fruit waste is recycled. This “organic” material is used as cattle feed.
    1. Meat Waste Recycling Program- Organic Garage is pleased to work with Rothsay to help recycle inedible by-products from our meat department. Things such as meat bones, discarded meat fats and store grease are transformed into industrial and consumer products. For more information please visit www.rothsay.ca
    1. Packaging Materials- Organic Garage works with our packaging partners to reduce plastic packaging and use better alternatives. We are constantly looking for the “next generation” of packaging materials to help reduce our environmental footprint.
    2. Store Equipment- Organic Garage is always looking for more environmentally friendly equipment that uses less energy. For example, all of our frozen bunkers use closed glass doors to retain the cold.


If you are interested in having your product sold at Organic Garage please reference “The !@#$%& You Won’t Find Here” and our “dump it” list before submitting your items. Once you have verified that your product(s) meet these standards, then we will look at the possibility of listing  your company’s items. Please email purchasing@organicgarage.com Remember… WE DON’T COMPROMISE! 


Whether it’s filming in one of our stores, asking us for a quote on an environmental industry related subject or you want to write a very complimentary article on us, please feel free to email your request to marketing@organicgarage.com. We will do our best to accommodate your request in a timely manner.


Organic Garage receives numerous requests for donations every year.  As a company, the decision was made to focus our efforts on specific charitable organizations that align with our core beliefs and philosophies.


At this time we are not looking to expand our business through the franchise model but rather through internal corporate growth. We appreciate the interest because there is no greater compliment than someone who believes in your business enough to want to invest their hard earned time and money. Please keep checking our website in case we decide to go in a different direction.