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Things change, but what we say and do,
The picture of my Grandfather and his brothers in front of our family store in downtown Toronto reminds me that with hard work, persistence and love, you can do anything. It also reminds me of the importance of family. Not just the family that shares the same last name, but our staff and our us, they’re family too. Four generations later, Organic Garage remains the same. Committed to offering our FAMILY of customers great products at fair prices. No matter how things change, who we are and what we believe will always remain the same.

Matt Lurie

Matt Lurie, President, Organic Garage

7 reasons why Organic Garage


Organic Garage

  1. We give our customers ‘HEALTHY FOOD FOR LESS!’ That means you can STOP getting ripped off and $AVE by shopping at Organic Garage.
  2. OUR STORES ARE DIFFERENT. We definitely don’t feel like a that's a good thing!
    conventional grocery or health food store and we’re not supposed to.
  3. We carry UNIQUE BRANDS that are difficult to find. unique brands
  4. WE ARE A ONE-STOP SHOP. We carry every category and department you’ll find at a conventional grocery or health food store.
  5. WE PARTNER WITH BRANDS that share the values and commitment to natural goodness that we do. We call them our Hand-Picked Partners. >> CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE
  6. We carry 100% CERTIFIED ORGANIC Produce. No exceptions!
  7. WE’RE CANADIAN. Not just Canadian, but local and independent. We live and shop in the same neighbourhood our stores are in.

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The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

At other grocery stores, consumers are bombarded with unhealthy choices that have unhealthy consequences. Not at Organic Garage! We offer healthier alternatives with healthier ingredients. Bottom line is we read labels so you don't have to.

>> Click here for a list of our approved and non-approved ingredients:

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