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Reduce your footprint while still making all your loved ones smile with these gift ideas that are easy on the planet. READ MORE...

Globe & Mail

It didn’t take long for customers to realize they weren’t walking into a conventional grocery store when the Organic Garage’s newest location opened in Toronto’s Liberty Village neighbourhood last month. READ MORE...

Liberty Village Toronto

The Organic Food Movement Continues To Grow In Liberty Village. READ MORE...

Organic Garage Capital Ideas

Watch our on location interview with the organic food retailer's founder and CEO Matt Lurie, at the company's new 13,000 square foot store in Liberty Village in Toronto.  WATCH HERE...

680 News Interview

"Don't be Afraid to be different. Being different is how you survive in today's market" Matt Lurie on 680 News. LISTEN HERE...

Organic Garage has a new Toronto location in Liberty Village

The health food grocery chain Organic Garage has opened a new location this week in the heart of Liberty Village. READ MORE..

blogTO Organic Garage

This fourth-ever location also features a roster of “hand-picked partners” serving up ready-made and made-to-order items like sushi and soft serve kefir.  READ MORE...

Organic Garage CEO on how he plans to compete with the grocery giants

Matt Lurie, CEO of Organic Garage, tells BNN Bloomberg how he plans to grow his company as the Ontario grocery retailer sets to compete with the likes of Whole Foods and Loblaws. WATCH HERE...

Organic Garage opens Liberty Village location

“You’ve waited long enough, am I right!?” reads one of the signs on the door of Organic Garage’s newest store, in Toronto’s Liberty Village neighbourhood. READ MORE...

Organic Garage: The Grocery Store with a Healthy Conscience

Watch out health food lovers! Organic Garage, one of Canada’s leading independent organic grocery stores just opened their fourth location in the Greater Toronto Area. READ MORE...
Organic Garage in Liberty Village

Organic Garage Keeps on Growing

This October, one of Canada’s leading independent organic grocery stores, Organic Garage, is set to open their highly anticipated fourth location in the GTA serving Toronto’s bustling Liberty Village neighbourhood.  READ MORE...

Supermarket News: Private Label

Consumers have embraced private label goods like never before. Here's what's moving, how one independent retailer builds private label and how others can get in on the game. READ MORE...

Snap’d Oakville Electronic Waste Collection Event

In a positive commitment to the environment, Organic Garage, the grocery store with a healthy conscience, held a 3-day Electronic Waste Collection Event. This event took place simultaneously at all three retail locations in Oakville and Toronto. READ MORE...

March 22, 2018 – Grocery Business

Organic Garage, one of Canada’s leading independent organic grocers, has joined the InstaBuggy platform to offer online sales to its customers. Customers can visit the InstaBuggy website or download the InstaBuggy app to pick from items available at Organic Garage stores and choose their preferred delivery window. READ MORE...

March 7, 2018 – Toronto Sun

I have my friend Marilyn (aka MollyFab) to thank for pointing me in the direction of Organic Garage – Healthier Food for Less, in Toronto’s Junction area. This place is amazing – the size of a small supermarket, everything is geared towards healthier eating and living, with customers offered organic and all natural products but for less. During my visit, I noticed prices were lower than I expected. READ MORE...

January 23, 2018 – Vlog

I poked fun at some of the ways I notice people go OUT OF THEIR way to make that "healthy" choice...often with little knowledge of the reasons behind it. My friend Tamara (who just so happens to be a famous model and vlogger @tamara.kb - woot woot!) asked me to share a bit of healthy shopping advice, and so I took her to my fave spot to shop healthy for less: Organic Garage! READ MORE...

December 20, 2017

Shouldn’t grocery shopping be a sensory experience? The new flagship Organic Garage in Toronto’s west-end Junction neighborhood agrees and does so by offering customers experiences from an interactive TEAbot kiosk to a trendy art environment. READ MORE...

September 13, 2017

Less than 24 hours before the grand opening of Organic Garage’s third store, and just hours before a private shindig for shareholders and vendor partners, founder and CEO Matt Lurie is conducting a guided tour of the premises, pointing out specific design elements and hidden “Easter eggs” intended to surprise and delight customers. READ MORE...
Snap'd Junction Opening

Snap’d Junction Opening

On July 5, many people lined up to be the first ones at the grand opening of Organic Garage on Junction Road. The first 100 customers received a free tote bag as well as bragging rights of being one of the initial customers of the grocery store READ MORE...

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Toronto-based Organic Garage believes that a substantial organic selection — and not much else — is enough to give the natural food retailer an edge on larger, established competitors. READ MORE…

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We had our annual Gluten Free Weekend on May 14th / 15th. Customers stopped in to sample a selection of Gluten Free products from brands such as BIO-K PLUS, LITTLE NORTHERN BAKEHOUSE, THE GLUTEN FREE BAR, SIMPLY PROTEIN, SCHAR, NATUR-A, BOB’S RED MILL and SUNBUTTER. READ MORE…

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We had our Annual Vitamins & Wellness Weekend on January 23-24. Many customers came in tried new products, asked questions and saved on all the items featured in our Vitamins & Wellness E-Flyer. READ MORE…

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We joined forces with Cha’s Organics at The National Women’s Show this year to teach people new ways to cook with Coconut Milk. Watch the Video Here

article 8

September 19th – 27th marked Canada’s National Organic Week, the largest annual celebration of organic food, farming and products across the country. READ MORE…

article 7

Organic Garage hosted renowned chef, Doug McNish, mid-July to tour his new book, ‘Vegan Everyday’. READ MORE…

article 9

Take a look under the hood of Organic Garage Matt Lurie’s fresh ideas on sourcing and low operating costs allow Organic Garage to offer quality food at affordable price READ MORE…

article 5

Our Electronic Waste Collection Event (April 11-12, 2015) was a big hit, with representatives from the David Suzuki Foundation and ORCA (Organic Refuse Conversion Alternative) joining us. We collected many out-of-use electronics to recycle! Check out the coverage from Snapd: Electronic Waste Collection (Thornhill Vaughan) Electronic Waste Collection (Oakville)

article 6

CHCH TV’s Lori DeAngelis and, holistic nutritionist, Michelle Book from CHFA stopped by Organic Garage to share some 2015 health food trends. Watch the Video Here

article 10

Anne Josef, founder of CocoVie Naturals, dicusses her products at The Green Living Show with Organic Garage. Watch The Video HERE

article 11

Enjoying a holistic health morning at Organic Garage with Lori DeAngelis from CHCH and Michelle Book from CHFA.  Watch The Video Here

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Organic Garage was proud to be the Sponsor of the Opening Night Screening of Arctic Defenders at Planet in Focus, Toronto’s Environmental Film Festival in its 14th year. http://www.planetinfocus.org/